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BOOK RIOT / Best Of - 9 hours ago

31 Game of Thrones Tattoos for Forever-Fans

We all know by now that winter is here, and the long night has passed, but you know what will never pass? GAME OF THRONES TATTOOS. That’s right, it’s time to commit. The show might be ending, but our love for Westeros and its inhabitan...

BOOK RIOT / Best Of - 9 hours ago

Gardening Books Have Changed My Aesthetic

Gardening books have changed my fashion aesthetic!I used to be a yoga-panted athleisure-wearing suburban soccer mom (by outward appearance; I neither do yoga, nor do my kids like soccer. Nevertheless she persisted). But now that I’ve i...

BOOK RIOT / Best Of - 1 day ago

Nine Children’s Book Pins To Pick Up Now

I am a big fan of children’s book pins as they let you dress your outfit up with some of the best books out there. Strict dress code? Need to wear black, white or shades of grey? (That was my old school uniform). Don’t worry: there’s a...