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Win a $200 gift card to Half Price Books!

We've a $200 present card to Half Price Books up for grabs for one fortunate Guide Riot reader, courtesy of HarperCollins Christian Publishing’s Web page Chaser Offers publication. Save as much as 80% off e-Books, get superb offers on...

BOOK RIOT / Best Of - 5 days ago

HaBO: Regency Sexting

This HaBO request is from Shelby, who's trying to find this historic romance.: The guide that I learn was an e book, and I learn in 2015 or 2016....

BOOK RIOT / Best Of - 5 days ago

8 Great Middle Grade Comics

This record of center grade comics is sponsored by Graphix Books, an imprint of Scholastic, Inc. From comics rising star Sarah Graley, a recent and humorous middle-grade graphic novel that includes a woman who should save a digital wor...