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NYT / Week - 4 days ago

Books of The Times: Impeachment, the First Time Around

Congress reacted with a Freedmen’s Bureau bill and a civil rights bill. Johnson responded with vetoes of both. Congress, in turn, overrode his vetoes. This volley repeated itself with the Reconstruction Acts, which offered measures to inaugurate an i...

NYT / Week - 4 days ago

By the Book: By the Book: Ani DiFranco

What books might we be surprised to find on your bookshelves?Hmm, no real surprises here, I don’t imagine. There’s a bunch of learn-how-to-meditate books that don’t seem to be helping. Some books of poetry for when my mind is spinning too fast to eve...

NYT / Week - 5 days ago

Nonfiction: In Defense of Liberalism

They can — but they don’t, as Gopnik glumly acknowledges. “The contemporary left can sometimes seem to have an insufficient respect for the fragility of the very same liberal institutions that allow its views to be broadcast without impediments.” It...