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Russell Baker, Times Columnist and Celebrated Humorist, Dies at 93 Mr. Baker, who won the Pulitzer Prize twice, spent decades at The New York Times and had a second career as the host of “Masterpiece Theater.”



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The Year in Yesteryear: Standout Music Books and Boxed Sets Comeback specials, travel diaries and a deep dive into Ladyland: a roundup of some of the most notable collections of 2018.



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‘Here It Is’: Two Artists on their Mind-Stretching Art Book The Conceptualist pioneer Lawrence Weiner and the London designer Jonathan Ellery met by chance in a Berlin bar. They wound up with a new book. But it was not a soft landing.



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Amos Oz, Israeli Author and Peace Advocate, Dies at 79 One of Israel’s most prolific writers, he published numerous works of both fiction and nonfiction, and his writing was translated into more than 35 languages.



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noted: Millennial, Book and Candle This old-fashioned reading aid is lit.



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Like a Boss: Tracy K. Smith’s Work Diary: The ‘Nonstop Rush’ of a Poet Laureate What, you thought it was all iambic pentameter and chamomile tea?



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5 Things About Your Book: Diderot Was Way Ahead of His Time — and He Knew It Andrew S. Curran talks about “Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely,” his new book about the 18th-century French philosopher whose greatest works were discovered — as he intended — after his death.



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‘Here It Is’: Two Artists on Their Mind-Stretching Art Book The Conceptualist pioneer Lawrence Weiner and the London designer Jonathan Ellery met by chance in a Berlin bar. They wound up with a new book. But it was not a soft landing.



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The Book Review Podcast: How Curses Function in Literature Julian Lucas talks about the role of curses in contemporary African literature, and Abby Ellin discusses “Duped: Double Lives, False Identities, and the Con Man I Almost Married.”



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Essay: How Does a Writer Put a Drug Trip Into Words? "After I set out to write a book about psychedelics, it became obvious what I would have to do,” Michael Pollan says. But how to describe the indescribable?



11   6
Essay: Reading Proust in the Gulag What books do we turn to as we prepare to die?



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A Reader: If You’ve Never Read Russell Baker’s Books, Here’s Where to Start The columnist and humorist died on Tuesday. Here’s a look back at six of his most acclaimed — and beloved — books.



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Inside the List: Is Everyone in Washington Writing a Political Tell-All? Two more books by former members of President Trump’s administration hit the best-seller list this week.



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Nonfiction: Isabel Wilkerson on Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ and the Great Migration The former first lady’s long-awaited new memoir recounts with insight, candor and wit her family’s trajectory from the Jim Crow South to Chicago’s South Side and her own improbable journey from there to the White House.



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By the Book: Ian Rankin: By the Book The crime writer, whose new Rebus novel is “In a House of Lies,” is giving his archives to the National Library of Scotland: “There might be material there for some future Ph.D. researcher … long after I’m dead.”



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Prescribed Reading: A Doctor’s Guide to What to Read on the Opioid Crisis In a new column, Prescribed Reading, Abigail Zuger looks at past books that dealt with opioid abuse in order to understand better how we got here.



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Audrey Geisel, 97, Dies; Dr. Seuss’s Widow and Keeper of His Flame She was deeply involved in marketing her husband’s works and managing his legacy, overseeing multiple commercial ventures. “You use it or you lose it,” she said.



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Further reading: Do You Want to Read More About China? Here are some suggestions from the Times Book Review archives to get you started.



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Seven Comic Books for This Season (and the Next) Some new graphic novels and comics nod to holidays past and those to come. Let the new tales — and some classics — unfold.



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Nonfiction: Julián Castro’s American Story In a new memoir, “An Unlikely Journey,” the potential presidential candidate traces his family’s history, from his grandmother’s emigration to the United States to his rise in politics.



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Overlooked No More: Gertrude Beasley, Who Wrote an Uncompromising Memoir, Then Vanished “Thirty years ago, I lay in the womb of a woman, conceived in a sexual act of rape,” the memoir begins. It disappeared, and so did Beasley.



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Late-Night Philosophy Festival Expands to Five U.S. Cities This year’s American installment of the Night of Ideas will feature appearances by philosophers, musicians, artists and a puppet of Noam Chomsky.



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Books of The Times: The Multiverse Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be in ‘Come With Me’ Helen Schulman’s new novel is about an algorithm that allows people to play out alternative virtual-reality scenarios from their past.



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Profile: Kima Jones, the Founder of Jack Jones Literary Arts, Is Taking the Publishing Industry by Storm The independent publicist wants to help black writers and writers of color change America’s literary landscape.



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How the ‘Spider-Verse’ Animators Created That Trippy Look The directors of the popular and critical hit broke with the conventions of computer animation, using hand-drawn techniques to create digital movement.