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25 Third Person Omniscient Books To Expand Your POV

I don’t pay too much attention to point-of-view when I’m reading. If a book is good, a book is good! But third-person omniscient POV—when a story’s narrator is detached from the action and able to hop into different character’s perspectives—can add a lot to the narration. It’s great f...

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50 Must-Read Books by YouTubers

If you watch any content on YouTube, you’re probably aware of the overwhelming number of books by YouTubers that have been published in the last several years. For a while, it seemed ev...

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Liu Cixin’s War of the Worlds

Two rival civilizations are battling for supremacy. Civilization A is stronger than Civilization B and is perceived by Civilization B as a grave threat; its position, however, is more fragile than it seems. Neither side hesitates to employ espionage, subterfuge, and surveillance, because the rules o...

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The 7 Most Important Umbrellas of SFF

For years, I’ve had a bit of a vendetta against umbrellas. I’m already fussing with a purse, a book, a jacket, and sometimes a laptop on metro, so why am I adding yet one more item to that list? It’s one more thing to fumble, fuss with and eventually forget somewhere. Why can’t I just...

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