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BOOK RIOT / Best Of - 6 days ago

We’re Celebrating YA Fantasy Week!

Whether or not you grew up eager to be a monster woman, hoping to seek out the portal to a fantasy world, or wishing magic existed within the trendy world, that is your week. We’re celebrating all issues younger grownup and fantasy thr...

BOOK RIOT / Best Of - 2 weeks ago

The New Lois Lane and the Old Sexism

This summer, two of DC’s once-biggest stars will return to headlining their own books: Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Lois Lane and Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen will both kick off in May’s Superman: Leviathan Rising Special before dropping their first prop...

BOOK RIOT / Best Of - 3 weeks ago

50 Must-Read Eco Disasters In Fiction

Fiction at its best lets us play out our darkest fears about the future. You don’t get much darker than environmental collapse, and the way things are right now, it’s even odds on whether heat, pollinator extinction, superstorms, or sea l...